Case Study: Helping People Hear Us

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Access to leisure services for young people with a disability

When the group was formed they identified access to leisure activities as a major problem for disabled young people. This decision was unanimous.

What did you do about it?

Through working together and consulting other young people within the project the group identified five key areas that made up the problem
Additional support for individuals
Transport /mobility
Access to venues
Inclusive activities

Having identified these five areas they then identified some simple steps that those providing services to young people could do to address each issue. They put this information into a quick and easy format and devised a leaflet to highlight the issues. This included a section for those using the leaflet to make a commitment to change. They edited the leaflet and organised a photo shoot to provide appropriate visual images.
The group’s confidence was growing all the time and some members agreed to present their work to the Children’s Trust Boards in Middlesbrough and Stockton and from these presentations grew the idea of developing a training session. To help include the less confident members views. The group worked with some drama students to devise a series of mini dramas to illustrate each of the five points and some potential solutions. These dramas were then filmed to be used in the training. They then adapted some of the games and activities they were familiar with to use within the training. Finally they worked hard to link this all together. In November 2010 five members of the group delivered their first training session to twenty youth workers. They have since delivered it to two more groups. The feed back from these events was excellent.

“Confident and informative training. Inspiring and enjoyable”
“Great to get the personal views and experiences of the young people involved”
“Really enjoyable and raised awareness excellently. I now have a better understanding of the needs of a disabled young person”

Who or what helped you?

The Support Plus staff facilitating the group’s work
Taking part in new activities that helped to build our confidence.
Having a volunteer from Support Plus to support in accessing activities

What were the challenges?

The group having the confidence to stand up before groups of adults and talk about the issues and solutions they had identified.
Dealing with such a huge issue and getting it down to small achievable actions that would make a difference.

What’s changed or is better as a result?

Over sixty adults whose role involves providing services to young people in Middlesbrough or Stockton have had their awareness of the issues disabled young people face when accessing their services raised. Each of these adults has made a pledge committing them to take actions to improve the situation.
The young people have increased their own capacity to be involved in decision making in their own lives.

How do you know?

The leaflet included a tear off pledge card for participants to record how they would commit to change. Amongst the pledges made were;
“Raise awareness amongst other staff and young people in youth clubs”
Youth Worker
“To consider the needs of young people with disabilities when planning library activities” Librarian
“We will ensure that all youth clubs are accessible to young people with disabilities and that staff are trained to support young people to access youth activities” Senior Youth Service Manager

Participants were asked to give contact details so that the group can follow up with them and see how far they have got.

What happens next?

The group would now like to train other young people to continue to provide training in this way.



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