Case Study: Church of England Youth Council (CEYC)

by maxineg on Thu, 2011-02-24 10:07
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Young adults gaining a stronger voice in the Church of England
Dealing with the issue of giving young adults a stronger voice in the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and decision making processes of the Church of England

What did you do about it?:
Raising the profile of the Church of England Youth Council (CEYC), supporting young adult representatives on the General Synod, gaining membership of the Board of Education, and engaging with the Archbishops’ Council.

Who or what helped you?:
Clarity about the vision and purpose of CEYC and a strong committed Core (Exec) Group.   Support from the Education Division staff, inclusion of young people’s participation in the Church’s national strategy for children and young people, ands as  strong, committed core group

What were the challenges?:
Finding mutually agreeable ways to engage with, and gaining confidence of, the NCIs

What’s changed or is better as a result?:
Young adults in CEYC have become a strong a respected voice in the General Synod, engagement with boards and councils of the church has improved significantly, increased participation of young people in the wider church and community

How do you know?:
CEYC representatives at meetings of the General Synod are always called to speak, CEYC has gained membership of the church of England board of education and is regularly consulted by other boards and councils, CEYC members have grown in confidence and are more active in their dioceses, the wider church, and in their communities

What happens next?:
CEYC aims to consolidate its position by continuing to be a voice for young people in the Church and strengthening its representation from the 43 dioceses. It is committed to finding more creative ways in which the church can listen to young people.


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