Case study: The Halogen Foundation

by Kine Nordstokka on Fri, 2011-01-21 13:31
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Name: Halogen Foundation Singapore
Location: Singapore
Mission: Inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well

Background and aims

Halogen Singapore is part of a greater international foundation, with 11 offices in three countries- Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. In addition Halogen operates in 14 Asian countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines. Since it was established in Sydney in 1997, it has impacted nearly 356, 000 students and educators worldwide. Halogen Foundation Singapore has impacted over 57, 000 students and educators in Singapore since it was set up in 2003.

The Innovation

Halogen aims to build a strong belief system in its young leaders by separating behaviours from the values adopted. Hence when they mentor young people, they focus on the person’s innate character more than his or her actions. This is because a strong belief system enables a person to positively shape its character in the long run. This is in contrast to simply telling someone what to do without first inculcating the right values system.

Key Ingredients

Halogen divides its youth programmes into three schemes- Inspire, Educate and Action.


Under the Inspire scheme it holds several events such as the National Young Leaders’ Day and Leadership Lecture Series. The Leadership Lecture Series are customisable talks that are aimed at challenging young people to move out of the comfort zones, develop greater confidence and inspire them to make positive contributions to their communities. The National Young Leaders’ Day are vibrant gatherings of young leaders who come together to hear from prominent leaders who inspires, challenges and influences them through their life stories and lessons learnt.


The Young Leaders Academy is structured and customisable leadership development frameworks for schools. It offers 30 different modules which are designed to be simple, easy to understand and apply. Another programme under the Education scheme is the Leadership Challenge. The Challenge is an intensive two day workshop targeted at key student leaders to foster a greater understanding of leadership and to challenge them to become effective and impactful leaders. Another workshop is the Leadership Essentials For Youth which provides leaders with a greater understanding of leadership essentials and offers opportunities for them to learn, network and collaborate on each other’s leadership challenges. PromiseWorks Leadership Mentoring Programme is the mentoring development arm of the Young Leaders Academy. The Programme is aimed at equipping student leaders to mentor their protégés. This programme seeks to help young people build character, discover their purpose, equip them, develop communication and team skills and provide a platform for them to exercise their unique abilities. Lastly, Halogen Foundation launched the Sports Leadership Programme in March 2010, which aims to provide a systematic leadership development programme to teach school athletes and sporting leaders to align their behaviours with the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship.


The last scheme for young people is the Action Focus. Part of this is to direct the creativity and energy of young leaders towards taking ownership of and making small changes to the environment. “Own Your World” is the tagline for the environmental campaign that seeks to inspire and influence young leaders to take practical ownership of their planet. Young people are trained in project management and will initiate and plan a community service project.


The Halogen Foundation looks beyond the input it provides for young people. It also looks at the surrounding key influencers, such as educators who play an increasingly greater role in the lives of young people. Under this strand the Halogen Foundation provides teachers, youth workers, head of departments and principals with training and consulting services.

At the Educators’ Leadership Programme educators can join programmes such as Understanding Youth Culture, Understanding Youth Leadership Development or join The Leadership Challenge for Teachers which is designed to bring educators to a new level of leadership development. The latter is a two day intensive programme that helps educators explore the fundamentals of leadership and looks into five key practices which make leaders exceptional. Under the training scheme educators can also get PromiseWorks Mentor’s Training in basic, intermediate and advanced levels for aspiring mentors with a desire to impact the next generation of young leaders.

 Lastly, the Foundation has developed evaluation studies and leadership assessments for educators. The aim of this is to assist schools to design and create holistic leadership strategies and programmes, leveraging on proven leadership development models, track and assess youth leadership growth and to facilitate school management in implementing good quality student development practices that will enhance the school’s vision of holistic education.


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